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We have lost values for humanity , It's time for right thinking people to come out of their comfort zones and start confronting these morons


This daughter Aiman Zehra three years old child from Bandipora district of Kashmir who was brutally raped is not the only case of brutality of we so called humans.

We have at least two to three cases from the twin districts of Bandipora and Baramulla in just past few weeks where humanity was murdered.

In two cases daughters were raped by their fathers.As if this was not enough for humanity to feel ashamed we decided to keep mum and there was no outrage as far as these cases of shame are concerned.

It exposes us all and we proved that the outrage at the time of Asifa rape and murder case was just because of it had a religious angle to it.

Had it not been so we would have definitely seen people protesting, strikes being observed and all the forms of showing anger that we showed at the time of Asifa.It's not just political parties of this country but the general public is too showing that they can be political too at least our selective response to different cases of brutality of same nature is proving that.We don't leave a single opportunity to go waste when it's aimed at dividing people on religious lines.

I do agree that there's was lot of politics played at the time of Asifa but at the end it was the collective response of people which made that case to hit headlines.One fails to understand what happens to the consciousness of same people when similar kind of brutality is inflicted on our daughters.

Had it been a similar case involving people from different faith by now the whole state would have been on flames.People from different faiths would have been up against arms against each other.

Activists from different parts of the globe would have used the incident to maximum in order to get benefitted.We have lost values for humanity.It's time for right thinking people to come out of their comfort zones and start confronting these morons who are time and again earning shame to humanity.

Law enforcing agencies and courts must address these cases on fast track basis so that justice is done on time.It shouldn't be like justice delayed is justice denied.